Soft Skill Training

Soft Skill Training
Duration : 7 Days

Finance Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd. offers career-oriented soft skills training in Nepal to help professionals and students develop problem solving skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills, time management abilities, leadership skills, creativity and other important life skills.


The present world job market has realized the importance of soft skills apart from technical skills to make any individuals and organization successful. Today’s organizations are spending a lot in soft skills training and development to add significant value to business operations and enhance productivity. We have been providing international standard soft skills training in Nepal to fill the soft skill gaps experienced by individuals and organizations in this competitive business world.


Benefits of Soft Skills Training in Nepal

Soft skills training has become a popular choice among individuals from every academic and professional background as a matter of fact that hard skills or technical skills can’t help them succeed in fulfilling individual and organizational goals. Soft skills training course provide the key benefits to students and professionals as below:

  • Acquire problem solving skills, interpersonal skills and creative thinking skills
  • Learn leadership qualities and team management skills to lead as a team player
  • Learn personal and professional stress management skills
  • Develop ability to handle diverse work scenario with leadership, team-work and maturity
  • Develop positive attitude and increase level of emotional intelligence
  • Learn scientific approaches to conflict management, dispute resolution and personal branding
  • Develop networking and public relations skills
  • Enhance level of self-confidence and competitiveness for better career


Benefits of Soft Skills Training at Finance Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Finance Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been the best destination for anyone looking for soft skills training in Nepal because of the following reasons:

  • Privilege of learning at one of the trusted institutions of Nepal
  • Highly experienced professionals as soft skills instructors
  • Friendly and homely learning environment
  • Resourceful training labs and cooperative staffs
  • Scholarship facilities for deserving candidates
  • Career counseling in the presence of potential employers
  • Online soft skills training available for busy and distant professionals
  • Regular practice sessions to test the learning
  • Project work after the course completion
  • Hostel facilities available for needy students
  • Opportunity to expand personal and professional network


Pre-requisites for Soft Skills Training

You don’t need any prior knowledge of any professional course to join soft skills training. All you need is a strong will to transform yourself into a better individual in personal and professional life.


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