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Suresh Lamsal

Managing Director

“If you have employees, you're never too small for HR Audit. Similar to a financial or tax audit, an HR audit gives businesses the opportunity to identify any potential human resources compliance issues and establish HR best practices.

HR Audits...

Keeping your organization’s HR compliance on task is easier and more affordable than ever with audits from Finance Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd.


A human resource audit usually involves review of all HR policies, practices and procedures whether or not they are formal.



It is mandatory for employers to conduct HR audit by the end of the month of Poush every year as per the criteria defined by Ministry of Labor.The purpose of the HR Audit is to conduct a more in depth analysis of the HR function to identify areas of strength and weakness. Areas that should be audited include, but are not limited to:

  • Legal compliance
  • Record-keeping
  • Compensation/pay equity
  • Employee relations
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Policies and procedures
  • Terminations
  • Health, safety and security


We follow a three-step process: Review, Engage, Design to help you discover quickly how to improve your HR output.

Review your policies, procedures, frameworks and data.
Engage with your HR team, stakeholders and employee groups.
Design and produce a report with our findings and recommendations.



  • Identifies the contribution of Human Resource department to the organization
  • Improves the professional image of the Human Resource department.
  • Encourages greater responsibility and professionalism among member of the Human Resource Clarifies the HR department’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Stimulates uniformity of HR policies and practices.
  • Finds critical HR problems.
  • Ensures timely compliance with legal requirements.
  • Reduces human resource cost through more effective Human Resource procedure.
  • Creates increased acceptance of needed change in the Human Resource department.


It is best to have a HR audit once in a year. The HR audit, if conducted continuously and regularly, then it becomes a fairly managed process.


Finance Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is providing following two types of HR services to its clients:

Comprehensive HR Audit

Detail examination of your organization’s employment practices. Our HR Audit includes a thorough review of employment policies, HR practices and key processes, workplace culture assessment and a HR Audit Findings + Recommendations Report that clearly identifies compliance and best practices.
Labor Audit

Our Labor Audit ensures your company is meeting regulatory requirements and prepared for an auditor’s watchful eye. We carefully review each requirement of labor law compared to employee lists to ensure documents are present and current, properly completed and filed. The Labor Audit Findings + Recommendation Report includes specific items needing to be addressed, instructions for addressing errors and omissions, and guidelines for maintaining compliant records.


  1. Audit of Corporate Strategy:
    The organization is going to gain competitive advantage.
  2. Audit of the Human Resource Function:
    • Human Resource Information System
    • Staffing and Development, and
    • Organization Control and Evaluation.
  3. Audit of Managerial Compliance:
    • Compliance with laws is especially important. When safety, compensation, or labor laws are violated, the government holds the company responsible.
    • If managers ignore policies or violate employee relations laws, the audit should uncover these errors so that corrective action can be started.
  4. Audit of Employee Satisfaction:
    • It refers to an employee’s general attitude toward his or her job.
    • When employee needs are unmet, turnover, absenteeism, and union activity are more likely. To learn how well employee needs are met.
    • The team collects information about wages, benefits, supervisory practices, career planning assistance, and other dimensions of job.


  • People can tend to be more open and honest with external consultants.
  • We are impartial.
  • We can quickly identify risks, opportunities and quick wins.
  • Our research and client work allows us to draw on best practice and top performing organizations to help you identify solutions that are right for your people.

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Suresh Lamsal, a qualified Chartered Accountant, joined Finance Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in 2018 as Managing Director. He has over 5 years of human resources experience in various FDIs of Nepal & MNCs of India. Mr. Lamsal has extensive experience working at both large and small companies and is also proficient in creating and implementing productivity-inducing practices through the application of human resource information systems.

Binod Raj Singh,a qualified Chartered Accountant, is the founder of Finance Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd. He holds degree in masters of commerce in Human Resource, Finance & Taxation and has certification on CS Executive program from Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). He has experience of 7 Years+ in Human Resource, Corporate Finance, Auditing, Risk & assurance, Internal Audit, Business Advisory Services.

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