How do you reward your employees for a job well done? Do you recognize them in the moment? On a monthly basis? At all?

As employers have the resources to spend more time, energy, and money on retention, they can look to things such as an Employee of the Month program to publicly recognize top performers within the organization. Employers must take in to consideration that fairness, equality and a well communicated program are vital to the success of an employee of the month program.

How to Manage an Employee of the Month Program

Employee culture committees are often organizers of the Employee of the Month/Quarter/Year Programs. With a focus on fairness, these groups of employees (ideally a mix of employees across all levels and departments) solicit feedback from the organization on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis for awards. Some companies choose to request nominations with just the employee name and others ask for details on the circumstances of the nomination. Businesses with employees who have access to email could request email nominations, while an organization with employees who have no email access might have a nomination box for employees to drop names into. Regardless of the collection method, it’s important to solicit feedback and nominations from everyone.

How to Announce an Employee of the Month Winner

Typically, the senior leadership team’s objective of a program like this is to retain top talent and key performers, reward a job well done or work that goes above and beyond the call of duty, and to give employees a powerful voice to recognize their coworkers. Company meetings, department meetings, office-wide emails, or schedule company events are great times to share employee nominations with all employees in the company. Managing the perception that favoritism has not played a part in the selection of the winner is important at this stage. Public random drawings of nominees or public displays of those nominated and a count of the most votes can assist in mitigating this concern of favoritism in an Employee of the Month program.



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